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I can't say enough about the strong, loving foundation my children received at Little Sprouts. Ms. Natalie has a true gift for introducing little ones to the natural world around them and the wonders of a true Montessori classroom. My children developed a love for learning early on, and it has absolutely carried over into their grade school experience, helping them to become early readers and engaged students.  We are beyond grateful for the loving care and the enlightening education they received -- not just the works of the classroom, but learning respect for the wondrous world of nature and being inspired to live as compassionate human beings. I always knew they were in good hands, and always marveled at the peaceful, creative atmosphere there. We wish they could've stayed at Little Sprouts forever!


After spending months looking for a daycare/school that provides to my standards, I am amazed at the environment and children of Little Sprouts. My daughter loves being outdoors and helping with the chickens,ducks and goats. She is served fruits and vegetables daily and many are fresh from the school garden. She came home telling me she wants more lentil stew like she had at school and she would like me to make her favorite salad (eaten at school) for dinner.
There are no sugary, processed foods given and my request for a dairy and gluten free diet is fully respected.  There are 2 Montessori classroom spaces fully set up and a phonics program which is being done daily. She is learning so much and proud of herself.  When I pick her up, a teacher tells me about her day and I feel they care very much about her.
I am a very intuitive person and mother. It would be impossible for me to leave my daughter with most of the caretakers I interviewed but all 3 teachers at Little Sprouts are friendly, loving and competent. 


We love Little Sprouts! Growing up in the country, I wanted my children to experience some of the same things I did as a child. The children at Little Sprouts gather eggs from the chicken run, they plant their own vegetables, and will pick the vegetables for their meals. Mrs. Natalie knows so much about nutrition and only gives the children healthy meals that the children love. I haven't even mentioned how prepared our daughter is for kindergarten! Mrs. Natalie and Miss Angela truly love being with children. So happy I found this place!


Amazing school. Kids have a lot of independence and get to be outside a lot! Love that they learn about gardening, collecting fresh eggs from the chickens and eating healthy food! Two of my kids go/have gone here and about to be sending my third!


Hannah has made great friends and learned so much since she started going to Little Sprouts. The Montessori philosophy provides a nice balance of structure and flexibility, allowing Hannah to learn responsibility and self-reliance at her own pace. The Little Sprouts environment is loving and enriching. We love the small size and home setting.


I heard about Little Sprouts Montessori from two of my friends who had daughters there. These friends did not know each other, and their glowing recommendations came within days of one another. As a gardener and nature enthusiast, I was enamored from the first moment I set foot on the winding path. The meticulous and beautiful landscaping as one walks down the path to the entrance of the school is very symbolic of the care and attention the teachers give the children. In the springtime, there are things sprouting all around, and this mentality lasts year round in the aptly-named Montessori. The students play outside as much as weather permits and they have ample room to play and various play spaces inside as well.In the summertime, the raised garden beds are rife with delicious produce, and this is yet another nourishing aspect of Little Sprouts–wholesome, nutritious and as-fresh-as-it-can-be fruits and vegetables. Beyond eating in a healthful manner, the gardens provide a necessary learning experience for the children as they learn where food comes from and the process of growing and caring for your own food. I love that the classroom extends beyond the walls of the Montessori and that the children get their hands dirty right next to the teachers. Inside, the school has a great layout and circular flow. My daughter often shares her thoughts about her “work” and loves to bring her complicated items home with her. At the age of three, she proudly writes her name. I can see and hear the results of her learning to write and spell, however, I know that she is learning much, much more than this. She is learning how to be courteous, compassionate and communicative person. These proactive behaviors are not only modeled, but also explained and taught as a constructive way to interact with your peers……After two recommendations, visiting the school, getting a feel for things, and assessing the cost and location, I made the relatively quick and completely confident decision to enroll my daughter and Little Sprouts Montessori. Now that I’ve witnessed her growth, I am very happy with her at Little Sprouts.


My son had previously attended a Montessori school as I was very fond of the idea of this type of education at such a young age. Unfortunately, it was poorly run and we were never able to witness the benefits of the Montessori concept itself through this institution. We were so blessed to find Little Sprouts, which has proven to be a perfect fit for my 4-year old son. It is unlike any school I have ever seen. It is amazingly beautiful and serene with ponds, fish, waterfalls and breathtaking gardens. The “urban farm” allows the children to understand how to plant and grow food and then enjoy it! The food the children are served is very nutritious and natural. I never worry about what he is eating at this school. He has learned so much at such a young age and has grown more independent and proud of his “work” and tasks. The teachers are top notch and really facilitate the children becoming their own person and developing self esteem and independence. There is so much care given and I never worry about how he is being treated as everything is very fair here. It is a very loving place, Finally, he loves his school so much he cries when he has to leave and sometimes wants to go on the weekends! I am so at peace knowing my child is blessed to attend such a wonderful, loving, educational environment.


Our daughter, Grace, started at Little Sprouts at 20 months. We could tell, even then, that she would be outgoing and intelligent. She is now 2 1/2 and exceeds our thoughts of what a 2 year old could be. She is so well behaved and she is comfortable in new situations. She is also very articulate and has a wide ranging vocabulary. Grace loves school! She loves the chickens and all the bug catching/studying. And the best part- she will eat almost any vegetable. She has full access to an organic garden for as long as the season will allow. Each day is structured around “work” and play. This structure translates into the way she plays at home- she cleans up after she plays and knows how to cooperate with mom and dad. We love Little Sprouts!


I am continually impressed with what my daughter learns at school (and they even hold trainings for the parents). All of the outside fun: the gardens and gardening, treehouse, chickens, ducks, sandbox and swing, as well as the healthy organic meals… are all icing on the cake. I have referred two friends and their children are now “Little Sprouts”. I researched so many different schools and when I came across Little Sprouts, I knew I didn’t have to keep looking. It is not only the best preschool for the money; it just the BEST!


This place is awesome! Our son has been going there for almost a year and has made so much progress. He is our first child and prior to joining LSM, we did many things for him - probably too much. They have given him the skills to become independent and he loves it! They have also helped us to back off a bit and let him do things. The things he is learning and will talk with us about are pretty amazing. He just turned 4 and is able to read many words. If he doesn't know a word, he tries sounding it out. I love that the kids are outside anytime the weather permits. He gets all his energy out (he has TONS). I hope all of our kids get to be a part of Little Sprouts. They are very connected to nature and I like the discussions he will bring up around it. He can sometimes be a handful like every preschooler, but the staff is very patient and caring with him.


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