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Thank you for your interest in Little Sprouts Montessori!


Little Sprouts Montessori began in the basement of my home in 2005, while I was homeschooling my children. I had completed my NCME Montessori certification in 2004 and opened Little Sprouts Montessori to realize my dream of owning and operating a nature-based Preschool.  


I was raised in the Era of “free range children” (the 70’s) I want to provide my students with the freedom of exploration and discovery in nature that I thrived on.  My teaching approach has evolved as a result of many valuable work experiences, in combination with my life’s passions.  As a previous yoga instructor, private vegan chef, and landscape artist, I rejoice in being able to share my greatest loves with my students for the past 16 years. 

I look forward to sharing more about Montessori’s Cosmic education with you and yours, and helping your family realize the dream for a truly unique and rich learning experience for your child’s most crucial early years.

“Let us give children a vision of the Universe. The Universe is an imposing reality and the answer to all questions.” Montessori observed firsthand children’s eagerness to understand themselves, their world, and their place in it. It was her hope that Cosmic Education would allow children to grow into responsible sons and daughters of the great human family, with understanding, ethics and self-knowledge to transform the world.



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