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Ms. Jenny
Lead Teacher

I began my Montessori journey in 2015. Prior to obtaining my certification, I had the immense privilege of being a Wife and Mother. Once my children grew, I decided to venture back into the sphere of working. On
the advice of my Mother-In-Law, I toured a Montessori School. She felt I would align with the
philosophy and she was right! I began as an assistant and went on to become a music
teacher. I could not get enough! That led me to obtain my certification in November of 2008. I
am MACTE certified through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies. I also am a member of
the International Montessori Council. I have two wonderful daughters, Joslyn is my oldest daughter and she recently graduated and plans on obtaining her degree in Psychology. My youngest daughter, Lyla is a sophomore this current year (2021/22) at Blue Springs High School. My husband is a Captain at Grandview Fire Department. We have been married for 23 years!

I enjoy long walks In the woods, poetry, history, touring historical homes, reading, learning new things, and seeing different perspectives, I love diversity and find stories or the experiences of others so fascinating!  I enjoy looking for mushrooms or antlers. Gardening calms my soul. 

I believe every child is deserving of respect and honor, that they are gifts to all and that in the process they teach us. I learn more from children than I do from reading! As Maria Montessori stated children are truly
superior by their innocence. I find I become a better person in their presence. I love to observe
and adapt to the individual needs of the child. My temperament is sensitive, so as such I thrive
in the background facilitating, I lead with empathy, always listening or striving to understand the child. My desire is to assist the child who will become the leaders of Society. There is no greater honor.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this gift.

Ms. Jenny


Ms. Laura
Assistant Teacher 

My name is Laura Ferris-Randolph and I am the classroom assistant at Little Sprouts. I am a person who has always gravitated towards curiosity and discovery. I earned my Associate of Arts degree in Education and attended the University of Northern Iowa for a year of focused Art Education with the original goal of teaching art. I then worked in the business world for a time and upon starting a family I returned to my roots in education. I started exploring Montessori environments after becoming a mother, creating a Montessori home for her became a strong interest of mine. I then taught a toddler classroom at the Jewish Community Center last year, but my admiration for Montessori called me back and I was led to Ms. Natalie and wonderful Little Sprouts! I really enjoy the magical ages of the primary years. Montessori fascinates and inspires me to consider deeply who children are and what they are teaching me. I absolutely love watching children light up over their many discoveries and creatively making up worlds as they order their experiences. Observing learners in action energizes my heart! I am a fun, creative, positive person and I enjoy connecting with others and building meaningful community as I go. Outside of school I enjoy foraging with my family, spending time with friends in the woods, reading, creating art pieces, and tickling my daughter Dassah! Hope to see you soon in the garden! 


Laura Ferris-Randolph


Ms. Jean
Substitute Teacher 

Thank you for the privilege of befriending your children at Little Sprouts Montessori.  I am Jean Kassen from Shawnee and have retired from teaching some seven years ago with 40 years’ experience in traditional and Montessori programs, hoping for opportunities to continue Montessori possibilities like this one with Ms. Natalie.  I have spent 27 years in Montessori itself and another 13 in modified Montessori classrooms including kindergarten levels.  My travels have taken me from KC, Kansas, to Saipan, CMI, in the Pacific, Topeka, Missouri, Florida, and Minnesota, where I have taught in and out of Montessori systems.  I have been a substitute teacher at Little Sprouts since 2014.